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Twitter is a Disgrace to Democracy

This article has a couple of quotes from America's favorite former president:

"Marjorie Taylor Greene has a huge constituency of honest, patriotic, hard-working people. They don't deserve what's happened to them on places like low-life Twitter and Facebook," Trump said in a statement released through his Save America PAC. "They're boring, have only a Radical Left point of view, and are hated by everyone. They are a disgrace to our nation."

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Live Streamed on January 24, 2023 10:04 PM ET
Testing My New Camera

Just testing out my new camera... Nothing super important. ;-) I bought a new camera for Christmas and wanted to see if I could get it working on a live stream.

My Thoughts About The FTX / Democrat Money Laundering Scheme

I saw a tweet this morning that really opened my eyes to something that not enough people are talking about that is related to this FTX scandal. In this video I give a little bit of backstory for anyone who isn’t following the FTX situation, and then dive into what this tweet said and my thoughts about it.

Live Streamed on October 4, 2022 8:44 PM ET
Elon Agrees to Buy Twitter (Live Stream)

Just hopping on to talk about the latest news regarding the months-long purchase process of Twitter by Elon Musk.

Texas Anti Censorship Law HB 20

In this podcast, I discuss the Texas Social Media Anti Censorship Law, HB 20. I talk about what it is, what it does, and give some of my thoughts about it. I actually live streamed the recording of the podcast earlier.

Texas Anti Censorship Law HB 20
Podcast: Tech Pundits React to Elon's Purchase of Twitter

Good evening, Patriots!

OK, ok... We've all heard the talking heads crying about Elon buying Twitter. However, that's not what this week's podcast is about. I decided to give you all the arguments that liberal tech news "journalists" are making about Elon buying Twitter. It's a somewhat different take than you may have heard elsewhere. You may find that people who report on the tech news space have a bit of a different perspective on this from the folks that focus on CRT / wokeness all day long.

This is the kind of perspective you're not likely to get elsewhere because most people who report on tech news are full blown socialists. So, I hope you enjoy this episode!

God bless!


P.S. Please search for the podcast in your podcast player of choice and subscribe. That way you will have future episodes delivered right to your phone. THANKS!

Podcast: Tech Pundits React to Elon's Purchase of Twitter
Parallel Economies Podcast Episode 1

Good evening / morning, Patriots!!

OK, I finally published episode 1 of the podcast. Please don't judge me too harshly. 😉 Hopefully, I'll get better with some experience. In this episode, I talk about Elon Musk's decision to turn down the board seat at Twitter, as well as TRUTH Social's CEO, Devin Nunes responding to a number of articles claiming that TRUTH Social has failed already. BTW, there's also a bit of breaking news in here, about the release date of the TRUTH Social Web App. The episode is just over 13 minutes long. Hopefully it came out, OK. I literally just finished exporting it. I hope you like it. ;-)

I'm off to bed!!!


Parallel Economies Podcast Episode 1
US government calls for changes to iOS and Android, says Apple and Google block innovation

This is actually a big deal. All the apps that are currently being essentially prevented from existing by Google and Apple are unable to bypass #BigTech because they can't get on the app stores. However, it appears that the government is set to mandate that these two tech giants allow third-party app stores on their operating systems. This could be HUGE news for the #ParallelEconomy! !

A new report from the US government has called for lawmakers and agencies to compel changes to both Apple and Google's mobile platforms, deeming the tech firms' current practices to be harmful to competition and consumers.

In 2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order on Competition around this subject, with the US Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration publishing its findings yesterday.

Spotted by, the report says the current policies on iOS and Android not only harm developers, but also impact consumers "by inflating prices and reducing ...

AI Triggering Mass Layoffs. Are You Ready for the Parallel Economy?

“As Microsoft invests $10B into artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, experts are warning that AI will steal 20% of all jobs in the next five years. But as we are being ushered into a digital technocracy, a massive parallel economy is emerging. Join me for an economic update with Dr. Kirk Elliott PhD.”

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Elon Musk reportedly advancing plans to make Twitter a payments processor like PayPal

Billionaire tech mogul, SpaceX founder, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reportedly moving forward with plans to make his recent acquisition, social media platform Twitter, a payments processor like Paypal, Cash App, and Venmo. The move may be connected to Musk’s previously stated interest in a so-called “everything app” that would comprehensively incorporate shopping, payments, and social media.

According to a Monday report by The Financial Times, Musk’s Twitter has already started the process of developing software and applying for regulatory licenses to add the payments component to the platform.

The outlet cited “two people familiar with the company’s plans,” who said that Twitter has starting applying for state licenses after filing to be a payments processor with the U.S. Treasury in November.

Musk could be making the move in a bid to restore lost revenue as marketers pull away from Twitter over concerns regarding its new “management and content moderation,” the ...

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PayPal shuts account of group who fought to keep schools open during pandemic
Another casualty of the recent PayPal purge.

UsForThem, a UK parents’ group that campaigned to keep schools open during the pandemic, has been banned from PayPal because of “the nature of its activities.” The group says that after the ban, it is unable to access thousands of pounds in donations.


“We were completely taken aback to learn that PayPal was discontinuing our services ‘due to the nature of [our] activities’. No prior warning or meaningful explanation was given, and despite them saying we could withdraw our remaining balance, we cannot,” said the group’s co-founder Molly Kingsley to The Telegraph.

“UsForThem has only ever been fully transparent about the organization’s aims, and our mission statement is on a prominent page of our website for all to read. That makes clear that our core focus is campaigning for children to be prioritized in public decision-making.

“If something about that mission offends PayPal, why could they not be transparent about that? For a small volunteer organization, this has a significant impact on our ability to operate, as presumably was intended.

“It is extremely hard not to draw the conclusion that this is a politically motivated cancellation of an organization that in some way offends PayPal.”

Toby Young, Free Speech Union’s founder, also claimed PayPal banned his account for political motives. The Free Speech Union’s account was also banned, as well as the account of the non-profit Gays Against Groomers.

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